Pharmaceutical Money: A Form of Bribery for Doctors?

I came across John Oliver’s new episode of Last Week Tonight which reminded me of Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Pharma. If you have not read the book already I would urge you to do so; he talks about many more issues involving drug companies and the regulatory failings which allow their bad behaviour to continue and to go unpunished. Here’s John Oliver’s take entitled Marketing to Doctors:

It doesn’t seem much like marketing but more like a form of legalised bribery. After all, as Goldacre suggests, if a drug was so expensive to make and performed up to its clinical trials, then why do drug companies spend double the amount of money on R&D than they do on research and development? Is spending on research development not the reason why drug companies charge so much money for their drugs? These issues highlights why skepticism is so integral to science and as a thinking human being in general; unless we change the system and truly make drug companies responsible for their actions, we may be stuck with bad pills and bad prescriptions, though at least Oliver can let us laugh about it.


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