Lab Grammy’s: Parodying Science

There are many ways to waste time on the internet. Enter the Lab Grammy’s: a contest held every year by ‘BioTechniques’ for the best science-themed song parody. There is probably a perception that graduate students are a relatively laid-back lot, freed from the pressures of class and exams. The Lab Grammy’s contest shows us that we actually swap the lectures and tests for the bizarre world of academia: filled with pointless grant applications, failed experiments, the circus that is the peer-review process, and, of course, the mystical professors! Let’s get on with the show!

There was hot competition for this year’s Lab Grammy competition. A few notable nominees, among them a weird ode to the common worm and a memorable ‘please fund me’ parody of a Justin Beiber song. Check them out:



For a fill list of the nominees see here. You are probably wondering who the winner is. That would go to “We Found Drugs“:


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